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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Counting Counties

Steve and I have decided that we are going to ride through every county in the United States on motorcycles. So, these are the rules.

1. We have to be together (So when I go to the International rally next month by myself, the counties I hit won't count.)
2. We have to be on motorcycles (Either ours or rented-Hawaii will likely be rented)
3. Previous trips count (So I will have to go back and count a few counties over the last two years I've been riding)
4. We have the rest of our lives to do this.

There are 3,143 counties (or county-equivalents) in the United States. Here is a picture of the US with counties lined out. Next time I post this it will have the counties Steve and I have ridden through filled in blue.

This should be a fun and exciting challenge.

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