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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Farkle

Just got a GPS today for my motorcycle. Got a Garmin Nuvi 660 with a specific mount for my motorcycle. I'm playing with the whole mapping of a day trip on map quest and sending to the GPS. Guess I'll find out how well that works when we try it out this weekend. Also not sure if it's going to bluetooth itself to my scala rider (headphone).

Initially, I didn't really want a GPS because I really enjoy mapping out my route on a good ole fashion paper map.  That works, and I can write out all my turns on a piece of paper and put them on my tank bag. Problem is I don't always see the turn coming and we have to make a lot of U turns. Or, if it was really not obvious, we might actually make a 25-mile detour (which happened on the Key West trip). Luckily, Steve doesn't seem to care, just follows my every move and doesn't complain when I make a wrong turn or miss a turn.

I finally decided, though that with the GPS, I can still map it out on the big paper map, then create the route on MapQuest and then send it to the GPS. Then I plug it into my motorcycle and I still get to take all the out-of-the-way roads I want to take, but the GPS will warn me when the turn is coming up. I can live with that. :)

The other cool thing is that I can use this GPS in my car which is not equipped with GPS. And somehow, I can make phone calls through it, which means I'll be hands free. Just got to figure out how that works.

Speaking of new things, also got new tires for the GS today. Steve changed them himself. So, I've taken off the knobbies in favor of a more street friendly version. Looking forward to testing them when it stops raining.

The map attached is the route I created on mapquest that will help us collect some counties we haven't been in yet. Total of 320 miles. It will be a long day, but fun. And, oh bummer, we have to make a stop at Morton's BMW in Fredricksburg so I can pick up a jacket they were repairing for me. 

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