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Monday, September 12, 2011

Been a month

I had knee surgery (Arthroscopic) on August 17. The last time I rode was to my pre-op appointment, so about a month ago. I rode yesterday to our monthly BMW meeting and then went on a ride with a group of guys from the club. Knee did great. Steve had to sit this one out this time, but I decided to try to keep up with the guys. Well, they pretty much left me in the dust, but a couple of them stayed behind to make sure I got to the destination, which was the Currituck Ferry. Yes, another ferry. After the ferry, I came straight home to make it to one of my step-son's soccer games. In total, about 140 miles.

I'm really looking forward to our trip in October. Great plans to ride some twisties in Western Virginia and West Virginia. I also plan on taking the Total Control Advanced Riding Course just before heading out there, so should have a great opportunity to practice what I learn.

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