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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally, the weather cooperates

In some areas of the country, motorcycle riders are already thinking about how they will be storing the bike pretty soon for the winter. Here in Virginia, the heat has finally subsided enough that I can actually enjoy riding. Funny how it went from pretty darn hot to quite cool in just a matter of days. I rode my bike today to the BMW club meeting at Carol's house and actually put my heated gear on. I only needed the jacket today, but I think with the pants, gloves and jacket, I can now comfortably ride throughout the whole winter. Yeah!!!!

So, I started a new thread on ADVrider called GPS Fails. Check it out:

When I was in Florida this summer, we came across the below sign when the GPS tried leading us down this road. "Cattle Rustling?" Really? I had another funny GPS fail a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to take a picture. Basically, the road ended yet I could see the rode I wanted just 40 feet away. I guess when they decided to cut that road off, they also decided to leave a small strip of pavement as a sidewalk. Well, that was enough for me. I squeezed through the posts and rode down the strip of pavement. 

I am excited for our BMW Motorcycle Club rally next weekend. Should be a good time with some great people, and great bikes. After that, Steve and I will head over to West Virginia to have some fun in the mountains. I really need that vacation. Can't wait. I'll be taking lots of pictures and if the campground has WiFi, I might get a chance to blog a bit on the trip. Otherwise, look for the ride report afterwards.


  1. Nice blog. Over here in Scotland we are just waiting for the snow to start falling. Hopefully we'll have another few weeks! The real bad thing is when they put grit down on the roads to try and prevent them freezing. the grit has a really high salt content and just wrecks bikes, so my GS gets tucked away till the salts gone!

  2. Throw some chains on the tires and ride the snow. haha. just kidding. I have zero experience riding a motorcycle in snow. The weather here is now very beautiful. 70s F during the day and sunny. Perfect riding weather.

  3. I'm planning on riding my wee Honda C90 in the snow. Hopefully I'll get some good video on my gopro this winter!