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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Right Gear

Steve got a new pair of motorcycle pants for his birthday. Since we had a so much rain this weekend, he decided to go test the new pants, which are the Aerostich Transit pants. It's not too often you'll hear someone so excited to go riding his motorcycle in the rain. The pants passed the first test, which I didn't doubt at all based on the cost and the reviews. Now he's trying to get me to get the pants. I like my Olympia's though. Great fit, great comfort, great versatility.

Planning is half the fun. Well, maybe not half, but it sure is fun to plan this trip. But the anticipation is killing me. I keep thinking if I just go to bed early, day one of vacation will just come quicker. The planning won't happen by itself, though.

We are definitely anticipating hitting the full gamut of weather on this trip, including snow. Other than Mammoth Lakes, Calif., we really don't have to be at any specific point at any given time. In other words, almost the whole trip is flexible. We will be able to adjust as necessary to account for unexpected occurrences. Best to be safe. And it kind of adds an element of spontaneity to the trip.

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  1. Have a fabulous adventure--share the highs and lows with the rest of us sitting behind our desks at work!Big sis.