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Monday, April 2, 2012

Day One is Finally Here

In about 20 minutes, Steve and I will hit the road, from Virginia Beach to Mammoth Lakes, Calif. with a whole lot of fun in between.

Yesterday, our BMW Motorcycle Club of Hampton Roads ( had our monthly meeting. Our friend Dan Franken gave a great presentation on camping from the back of his bike. He packs a lot more compactly then we do. 

Of course, before we could go, we had to take the dogs to their 3-week vacation spot, though I don't think they would agree with the assessment of vacation. We swap dog duties (no pun intended) with some friends for vacation times. It's better than sending them to the kennel, but they would still prefer to go with us. If I could get these big dogs to ride on the back of a bike, we would definitely take them. Oh, and when I say "big" dogs, mine are the two smaller dogs in the picture. Our friends have bull mastiffs, one is still a puppy.

The next two pictures show how we are packing our food. I found a soft-sided cooler that fits perfectly in my right-side box. It has little mini openings on the top for easy access to what's inside. Lots of Gatorade and water.

And just a few snacks... and 5-hour energy.

Off we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck you two. Use the helmet cams if you took them along.

  2. Ride Safely and Travel Well. Looking forward to following your adventure across America.

  3. Hey guys, sorry I missed the meeting yesterday. Have a safe, fun trip and keep us posted.