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Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 Rally

Well, I failed my colleagues of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Hampton Roads. I forgot my camera this weekend, so I didn't get any good photos of our rally. But what a great rally it was. We had about 110 folks register. That's a great success for us. The only bummer about being part of the rally committee is that you don't actually get to ride very much. So, I rode my bike there and I rode it home, the long way. Came across that same spot my GPS took me before, this time on purpose because I wanted to get a photo.

One of my step sons turned 13 this weekend, and got to hang out with his Dad for his birthday, riding motorcycles and making fires. A friend also gave him a ride in his side car. Kerry is trying to make sure people know that side cars are cool. And they are.

Good birthday present, I think. 

During the rally, we had a charity ride for the Wounded Warrior Project that ended at the Military Aviation Museum and included a ticket to the WW-1 Air Show being held there. Of course, I didn't get any great pictures of that, other than this one I took with my phone of a bunch of the bikes parked under the water tower.

I hope someone got some better photos. I'll be looking for them on our club facebook page:
I'll be heading up to Ashland, Va. tomorrow to take the Total Control Advanced Riding Course, then out to West Virginia and western Virginia for some mountain riding. 

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