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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Great start to a wonderful week

Columbus Day started our vacation riding through the mountains. But first, I took the Total Control Advanced Riding Course (Lee Parks) class at the Motorcycle Safety Center of Virginia in Ashland on Monday. What a great class. It's all about cornering and I really feel I learned something. I've been riding for 2 years, about 14,000 miles, but I've still always had problems going into curves. I slow way down and inch my way through tight corners. I kind of knew that it was one of those things that learning how to do it right would be one of those "aha" moments. Well, this class provided that. I really feel I can trust my bike and myself to lean and keep leaning if necessary. I'm not scraping my knees or anything just yet, but I'm well on my way to getting comfortable in the twisties. Here's the last video I took on my GoPro during the class yesterday.

So, now off to West Virginia to practice my turns. I would say that our fist day was an awesome way to do it. Hwy 311, which started on the Virginia side heading into West Virginia was a beautiful road. The whole 190 mile route was great.  Here's a snapshot of what we did. (311 is from point 5 back up to I-64)

We trailered the bikes and dogs to Greenbrier River Campground in West Virginia. (they have wifi, yeah). Then we will be taking day trips with the bikes. Dogs get to hang out at camp, but they sure love to come with us. We've got five days of this. I planned all the day trips ahead of time and pre-loaded them into the GPS. Already can't wait until tomorrow. Here's a few photos from our first day. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my normal camera before we left, so all photos are taken with the GoPro, which is why it looks like you're looking through a fish eye lense.

 our campsite

getting the bikes ready

 Sinking Creek Bridge in Newport, Va.

Fun day. Looking forward to tomorrow.

***Addition after the original blog. The instructor sent me a video from the class I took. Pretty cool.

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