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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finally, Mountains

I posted last night about our day trip in a cage into the mountains, but today we are on our bikes. We are basically traveling about 460 miles over the mountains into Utah today on our way to California. I wanted to post these first few photos of the day as we come in sight of the great mountain views.

We are sitting in a Starbucks (of course) right now, which is why I can post here. I may not have WiFi later at the campground.

I mentioned previously that we both got new helmets. Steve got the Schuberth and we couldn't get our Scala Rider Q2 to fit on his, so he went back to BMW of Denver to get the Scala Rider that specifically fits his helmet. I didn't upgrade, so he took my Q2 to see if they could pair it. I have to give a great shout out to Tally Lawing and Jessica Driscoll there. They worked very hard to get these Scala Riders to talk to each other, even called both the Cardo and Schuberth companies to get it figured out. What wonderful support.

OK. We're off again. 460 miles seems like nothing now, but we better head out if we want to get to our next stop before dark.


  1. Kelley, do you have all your roads planned? If not, I know most of the good roads west of the Great Plains and can make some suggestions, if you like.

  2. I think it's wonderful you're getting to smell the roses along the way. Ride safe, have fun, stop where you want and snap pics!

  3. Karen, we did have most of our roads planned, mostly and unfortunately, for time's sake. I'll be blogging tonight about our trip yesterday.