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Monday, April 9, 2012

Time to Get Our Ski On

Our trip from Salina, Utah to Mammoth Lakes, Calif. was nothing like I expected, especially Nevada. One thing I did expect was roads stretching into the distance. In the below photo, we pulled off Highway 50 in Utah and the mountains we see are in Nevada.

At the rate this is taking for pictures to load today, I will have to continue this blog later this evening when I have more time. Right now, it's time to go skiing.


  1. I did not realize that you were going to be on US50...if you come back that way you can stop at the boarder (or any of the towns in Nevada on 50) to get a 'passport'. If you get that stamped in each of the 5 towns the state will send you a certificate for "surviving the loneliest highway in the US". In Austin they sell T-shirts with the same printed on them. Just saying.... There is a neat hotel in downtown Ely, the Hotel Nevada, that is worth spending the night.

  2. We didn't travel the whole way on 50. I had read about that before. I wish we had just a little more time, but 3 weeks away from my job is quite enough. We only stayed on 50 to Ely, them took 6. On our way back, we intend on going south through Vegas then Flagstaff.