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Friday, October 5, 2012

Back home, still riding

I wanted to post these pictures of our ride out of West Virginia yesterday. No words are necessary to describe the beauty of these mountains.

This is the Western Territory of Snowshoe. This is the slope I hurt my knee on last year.

 We got home last night and Steve had to work today. But his work means he gets to keep riding a motorcycle, albeit a Harley. Oh, and he gets to go to the State Fair.
At least Steve tried to make his trip to the State Fair seem like part of our trip by making the normal stop.

I, on the hand, get to go to our BMW Motorcycle Club of Hampton Roads annual rally. I'm not camping this year since Steve can't be there, but I rode down and will be back there tomorrow. Strange that the only pictures I took this evening were non-BMWs. I'll take more photos tomorrow that resemble the club a little better, though we do accept ALL bikes (obviously).

I did take the following picture because this is just too awesome. The next dog I get will be small enough for me to take everywhere I go. 

This is Greg Cutter's bike... and dog.

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