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Monday, October 1, 2012

So familiar

Today was great. On the road for about 275 miles, mostly high-speed highway until the last 10 miles, which was a nice twisty road; exactly the reason we came to West Virginia.

We did stop in Fredricksburg, and since it is not likely we will see another Starbucks for awhile, I suppose it is only appropriate that we pay homage to the familiar.

We are in Berkeley Springs, W.V. I think this must be kind of an artsy town, which means we still might find a nice coffee shop in the morning, Starbucks or not.

We had dinner in the Mountainside Bar, and we were treated to the locals explaining the roads we should take when we set out tomorrow. One guy had us going to Pennsylvania. Not sure if it was just a good road or they were trying to get rid of us.

We happened across the Country Inn. Nice old place with "country club" charm in the country. Was hoping to watch my Boys in a little Monday Night Football but for some reason, out of the 40-plus channels here, ESPN doesn't have volume. Weird. Well, I guess I can still watch.

No alarm for tomorrow morning. No real destination tomorrow night. I have a route in mind, but it very well may change. I love traveling like this. The only destination is to be back to our house Thursday night.

Until tomorrow... Maybe.

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