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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling invigorated

Or motivated. Like I'll be able to tackle the mountain of boxes that still need to be unpacked at the new house. These West Virginia mountains are so amazing to ride motorcycles through, especially in the Fall.

I forgot to mention in my previous post where we ended up staying last night. As we were leaving Elkins and for one of the few times that our communication system worked, Steve suggested we stay at Snowshoe. We had just seen a sign for Snowshoe. We've been there many times for skiing, of course, but didn't know how it would be at this time of year. What I did know, is there is a Starbucks and they have an awesome, twisty road up to the mountain. So, that's where we stayed. When we were checking in, we decided to make it two nights and just do a loop through the mountains for our ride today.

And now, I've found out they have WiFi at the bar. Oh darn! It's definitely different, though, during the Fall, as far as the crowds go, virtually, none. When we arrived yesterday, it was socked in Fog; today when we got back from our ride, it was not as foggy, so we got a few pictures.

Snowshoe Village when we arrived yesterday.
Top of Ballhooter lift at Snowshoe. They have some great Mountain biking off ski season.

This is a very familiar ski spot. Looks so different with no snow.

Doesn't look like much compared to Western mountains for skiing, but one of the best places in the Eastern half of the United States to go skiing.

So the motorcycling today was a nice loop up to Petersburg, W.Va. area and back. It was fantastic. Here are a few pictures from today.

Here we are at Seneca Rocks. I'm coming back down from the gravel road that wound it's way to the rocks.
Seneca Rocks in the background.

This is Cass, W.Va. Took this photo for the Route 66 sign. We were on route 66, but it was State route 66.

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